Product Packaging Mistakes

15 October 2017
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Your excellent product can meet the needs of customers across the country. With so much attention to the product, you may just now be realizing that packaging is necessary. However, you could be on the wrong track if any of the below applies to you; design mistakes like these could affect the success of your product before anyone even uses it.

You've Done No Research

Doing packaging design as an afterthought is something done by many new entrepreneurs. Looking at the choices and selecting the cheapest option could do a real disservice to your business.

For example, if you are claiming to sell high-end custom jewelry but plan to ship it out in plain brown boxes, that can make people think twice about the quality of your products. If you claim that your baked goods are delicious but send them out in packaging that allows them to be crushed and arrive at your customers in crumbs, that's a problem. Sit down, take some time and really think about whether your packaging is appropriate. Research what competitors use and think about making improvements on that.

Use of Wrong Materials

If you've not been doing research, it's entirely possible that you're not even using the best materials for your packaging. You could be using plastic bags when cardboard boxes are more appropriate and vice versa. You might do a few test runs with different packaging using different materials to see which tests best with customers.

Insufficient or Overabundant Word Usage

Of course, your logo and product name are going to be on the packaging. However, many entrepreneurs attempt to overdo the text or provide insufficient information. Avoid putting so many words that the packaging looks cluttered, but don't fail to include words that provide details about nutrition, use, storage and other relevant information.

Ignoring Ease of Use

After focusing on cost and appearance, you may forget to consider whether the packaging is irritating or easy to use. Packaging that is hard to open or bothersome in other ways could affect whether people continue to try your products. Can someone open the package without getting scissors or pulling it apart for a while? If you're selling baked goods or packs of a particular product, is the package re-sealable? Have employees and others try out the packaging to look for trouble that customers could experience.

Packaging is a detail that simply cannot be overlooked or ignored even if you've got the greatest product on earth. A good-looking, easy to use, sturdy package is vital. Meet with top design firms to better understand the issues you should consider for your specific packages.